About Us

The Print & Media Association, Singapore is the national representative body for the printing industry in Singapore.

The Association was founded in 1937 as the Master Printers Association, Singapore. The change of name to the Print & Media Association, Singapore took place in 2000.

Membership is open to all companies engaged in the printing and allied trades, companies that supply equipment and consumables to the printing industry and companies that support the printing industry eg. exhibition companies, software companies and freight forwarders. The current membership of the Association stands at 140 companies.

The Association is run by a Management Committee of thirteen elected by the members for a two-year term. The day-to-day running of the Association is undertaken by a full-time secretariat headed by an Executive Director.

A bi-monthly publication, PRINT Singapore ensures regular communication with members and disseminates information on news and updates about developments in the printing industry.

A Printing & Packaging Industry Directory is also published annually in conjunction with the Singapore Packaging Council. The Directory aims to provide information about the printing and packaging industry and provides the opportunity for companies to advertise their products and services. The Association’s website (www.pmas.sg) provides information about its various activities and details about members.

The Association organises regular networking sessions, courses, seminars, conferences and overseas study tours for the benefit of members. A close working relationship is maintained with SPRING Singapore and other relevant bodies in order to protect and enhance the interests of members.

Members are encouraged to communicate with the Association about the challenges that they face. The Association in turn provides feedback to SPRING Singapore and other Government bodies. Linkages are also maintained with regional and international printing bodies.



  • Creates a sense of belonging through the national representative body of the printing industry in Singapore.
  • Provides a platform for members to speak with one voice.
  • Maintains close links with the relevant Government bodies like SPRING Singapore to promote and enhance the interests of the printing industry.
  • Provides a channel of communication between the members, the government, and overseas printing associations.
  • Organises seminars/courses.
  • Organises an annual conference for technical updating.
  • Organises study tours and overseas visits.
  • Organises networking, social and sporting events.
  • Provides opportunities for members to participate in foreign and local exhibitions under the umbrella of PMAS.
  • Provides information and technical updating to members through the bi-monthly publication, PRINT Singapore.
  • Encourages members to tap on the various Government support schemes through the dissemination of information.
  • Helps members to promote their business through the PRINT Singapore magazine, the Singapore Printing & Packaging Directory and the PMAS website.