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Industry Background and Statistics


Singapore is one of the top printing hubs in Asia, renowned for its quality, reliability and efficiency. This has attracted many overseas publishers to outsource their printing products such as journals, magazines, coffee table books and art books here.

About 25% of the current printing output is exported, with the volume growing due to the adoption of new printing technologies such as digital print-on-demand, which has enabled some local printers to take on time-sensitive jobs. Local printers have expanded their comprehensive suite of services to include value-added capabilities such as UV printing, RFID printing and logistics to attract new print buyers.

As Singapore offers one of the best intellectual property (IP) protection in Asia, the printing industry remains competitive, as evidenced in the expansion and increase of foreign investment in this sector. With its easy access and close proximity to regional major markets, Singapore continues to be the preferred location as the Asian-Pacific headquarters of many leading international publishers.

SPRING helps local printers, publishers and printing/color-separation suppliers gain access to new niche market segments through business matching missions to high potential publishing hubs such as Tokyo and New York.



Printing Industry Statistics
No. of Establishments866860836815952
No. of Workers18,50817,77517,23216,61815,821
Total Output ($m)3,0532,5852,6392,6362,467
Value-added ($m)1,4331,2341,3401,3461,236
Value-added per worker ($'000)77.469.477.781.078.0
GDP Contribution (%)

Source : Economic Development Board & SPRING Singapore

Printing Statistics
Industries / Size of Total OutputEstablishments (No)Workers (No)Total Output ($'m)Value Added ($'m)Value Added Per Worker ($'000)
ESTABs with < $1m6352,8931937827
ESTABs with $1m - < $5m1162,54330913854
ESTABs with $5m - < $10m301,7372108750
ESTABs with $10m - < $25m212,08729712258
ESTABs with $25m - < $50m61,2461958064
ESTABs with $50m & above76,1121,431841138

Source : Economic Development Board, 2011

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