President’s Message


Mr Lim Geok Khoon,
PMAS President

At the 74th Annual General Meeting of the Association held on 29th June 2012 a new Management Committee was elected for a two-year term.
It was an honour for me to be elected as President, with Mr. Dean Chong as Vice President, Mr. Loh Wee Hiang as Honorary Secretary and Ms. Genevieve Chua as Honorary Treasurer. There were six new faces in the in-coming Management Committee for 2012/2014.
We immediately got down to work to set the direction for the next two years. It was agreed that PMAS would work closely with SPRING Singapore to assist the printing industry to face the challenges ahead. PMAS will apply for financial support from SPRING Singapore under the LEAD Programme. With funding from the LEAD Programme, PMAS will be in a position to launch more programmes to help our members.
In October 2012 Mr. Jason Ong was appointed as the Executive Director of the Association. With his broad managerial experience and long association with the local printing industry, he is the ideal person to lead PMAS and to assist the printing industry to move forward. Mr. Ong will spearhead a major effort to recruit more members and improve the quality of services.
A new Publication Committee was appointed to oversee the bi-monthly PRINT Singapore publication and the Singapore Printing Industry Directory. As PRINT Singapore is a vital tool for communicating with members and an important source of revenue as well, we decided to improve the design of the publication and make the content more interesting for members.
The focus over the next two years will be to increase membership, improve services to members and concentrate on a few projects:
1)    Improve communication with members by enhancing the PMAS website. This will include a  portal to be used exclusively by PMAS members.
2)    To establish a training programme to ensure that more Singaporeans are trained for jobs in the printing industry.
3)    To work with SPRING Singapore to assist members to improve their MIS systems under the ‘Collaborative Industry Projects’ Programme.
I am confident that we will be able to successfully implement these plans during our term of office. Companies in the printing industry must also play their part by joining the Association as members, so that we can work together to overcome the challenges ahead. Members should also support the activities organised by PMAS.

Lim Geok Khoon